Chiisana Rakugaki ~ Tiny Scribble

"Chiisana Rakugaki ~ Tiny Scribble" is re-published!!

Yuri's autobiographical cult literature "Chiisana Rakugaki ~ Tiny Scribble" was re-published from Tamausagi Books in 2007, after 10 years' awaited.

Her upbringing in Tokyo was a very unconventional one – As part of her samurai lineage inheritance, she practiced Japanese traditional arts which was unique in modern Japanese childhood. Her late "flamboyant" parents were also passionate to teach Yuri to value universal identity through travel abroad and uninhibited performance with social events. These elements, so drastically colorful influenced Little Yuri to search her own identity.

Some psychotherapists has referred her book as "one of the best self-help book for the client". That has led the original prints to be sold out from the used book stores in Japan before new version come out. Sorry, it's only in Japanese (yet)!