Antonio's family run a little bar on the beach at Praia de Forte, the turtle reservation in Bahia, Brazil. They are the funkiest, craziest and the sweetest family we've ever met.The oldest brother Antonio has a golden heart but is an alcoholic, his younger brother Marceo is a prominent soccer player but a trouble making playboy, their gorgeous sister Rosangela is a single mother waiting for her boyfriend to visit her again from Greece. Their magnificent mama Rosa's life is not as simple as she wishes, but she is the happiest mama in the world. They all look so cool and fashionable in the latest outfit which are sent by their beautiful older sister who works as a top Samba dancer in Germany. We fell in love with them and they fell in love with us. We almost got adopted by them and we didn't mind at all.

We went to the carnival almost every night, and went everywhere in a Volkswagen carpool van. Brazilians are insane about dancing, especially people in Bahia. They blast out the music from huge sound systems till seven in the morning and they never sleep. They dance to death, maybe they would still dance even after they die. Mama taught us how to do the steps so we could become semi-Brazilians dancer. My boyfriend was soooooo happy because he could dance with all those beautiful girls with "maravilhoso", marvelous butts. I was dancing with Antonio all night long and sometimes we were in the middle of the huge circle. I was also able to win some bottles of beer by dancing with local men. They talked to me in Brazilian and I pretended that I totally understood.

The Brazilian music and dance with their passion certainly casted a spell on us. We were absolutely addicted to the dance and just couldn't stand still even in silence. The magical Brazilian rythmn was echoing in my head wherever and whenever. Antonio even called me "Yuri, the mini disco"!!

Bahia, Brasil 2000