"Frida Kahlo-La Casa Azul"

I once wrote, "I don't want to become like Frida Kahlo." This I wrote in my Autobiography a while back. Once, someone told me "You are lucky to be an artist because you can reflect(?) your fate in your art, like Frida Kahlo did." This was around the time when I had lost all my family in this world. I was 29 years old. I don't have the courage she had. She appealed to all as if she was a heroin in a dramatic tragedy, and always faced her fate.The truth is that I am not be able to become like her. Because I am too happy and I appreciate being happy.

She always chose herself as a subject of her creation. She always emphasized her life and existance towards her unfaithful, toad-looking husband, toward her friends and toward her own doom. She lived next door to the death. Her favorite phrase was "don't forget me."

At her former house, "la casa azul~blue house" in Cojoakan, Mexico, there were so many vestiges of her. Her small, cramped bed , photographs, art materials, toys, Mexican folk handicrafts, the pyramid in the garden made by Diego, and the embroidered design she did for her pillow case. Everything reminds us about her about personality, her passion and her sense of humor. The more I know about her character,the more I feel I would have wanted her as a friend. I feltthis when I was surrounded by her things. It's little bit scary, but we would have made great friends.

Mexico City, Mexico 2001