"Healty China"

The average Chinese person is up before dawn, even earlier than roosters. They all go to the neighborhood park every morning. Zozan park in Guilin, China is no an exception at all.There were men and women of all ages, all of them extremely healthful people.Some people were just walking around with swinging both arms like pendulums, some were practicing tai chi with swords, and some were excercising with Chinese new wave electric music. I saw a man holding a tai chi pose, frozen like a NYC subway pantomimer. Another man was standing at the riverside howling to nobody forever. Another woman was bumping herself into a tree trunk every 30 second and shouting "HA!" (That scared me.) At the entrance of the park, tons of people were dancing ballroom style with huge smiles on their faces.Repetitious high-pitched music blasted from ultra-low key sound systems. It was a genuine rave party.They all looked so well, enjoying their lives, although some seem tobe involved in a love triangle that developed at this daily morning event.The morning in Guilin gave me a glimpse of the tremendous power of China.

Guilin, China 1998