"Pink Dolphin"

My first encounter with a pink dolphin was on a primitive painting at a gallery in Rio de Janeiro. A lady at the gallery told me a Brazilian legend called "Rosa Boto" which is about the pink dolphin. It is a love story between a village girl and a prince who took on the shape of a pink dolphin. I was fascinated by the romantic story and the surrealistic image of "Rosa Boto". I ended up buying that painting so that "Rosa Boto" would always be near and provide me with perpetual imagination.

Two years later, I again returned to the land of my dreams, Brazil. At that time, I visited a tiny village in the middle of the Amazon. There I saw the paintings of the pink dolphin again, but this time they were everywhere.The local villagers were saying, "Rosa Boto is EVERYWHERE." To my surprise, the pink dolphins were not imaginary creatures! They are blind albino dolphins living in clear river water found only in a few special places in the world ! The local fishermen keep the eye balls of these pink dolphins in little bottles as their talisman.

One early morning, I took off from shore in a kayak to greet these pink dolphins. It was so quiet and the water was as smooth as a mirror. The dolphins were not surfacing out of the water but I felt them underneath of the skin of the kayak.

Later, I heard a crazy modern folk tale about the "Rosa Boto". In the Amazon, the rate of unmarried pregnancies run very high and the absentee of the father is a serious problem. But when these girls are confronted by their mothers they reply curtly, "I was seduced by a pink dolphin."

Amazon, Brasil 2000