A strange and unforgettable thing happened to me on New Year's Eve, 2001, on the Big Island of Hawaii. That evening, we visited an 88 years old Japanese "Nisei" woman named Bea at her house for a New Year's Eve party. I thought it was the first time for me to meet Bea but after speaking to her I found out we had met before.

She told me she used to work at a gift shop at the Mauna Kea Hotel where I visited with my parents 25 years ago. I said to her that I've been there before, a long time ago. She asked me to describe my father. When I described him to her, she said "I remember him. He called me from Tokyo and I helped your family get a reservation because we were fully booked. It was 1977. A little Japanese girl came to buy a candy bar with a hundred dollar bill! I guess your mom wanted small change." She remembered us when I was 10 years old!

Her memories were astoundingly clear and she told me a lot of funny stories about my parents, who are both no longer alive. She said "Your parents made you come here to see me again. " I couldn't stop crying. It was too spooky for me to believe, but I also know" There is truth even in fiction".

Big Isle, Hawaii 2001