2014 MAR11 Memento Mori Gallery ef. Tokyo, Japan
2013 MAR11 Memento Mori Honen In Temple 法然院, Kyoto, Japan
2002 SEPT Antarctic No.2 move lab, New York
2002 MAR Travel Journals Japan Tour Tokyo, Osaka, Okayama
2000 APR 1st Show in New York City Zakka, New York
1998 OCT American Rocket Gallery, Tokyo
1995 OCT First show of Yuri Shimojo Kichijoji Parco Gallery, Tokyo


2012 DEC ART for TIBET 4 TIBET HOUSE, New York
2012 OCT Experimental Art Surf Shop VOLCOM JAPAN, Tokyo
2012 MAY LACE Annual Benefit Art Auction Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angels
2011 OCT ART for TIBET 3 Joshua Liner Gallery, New York
2011 FEB Evolution Revolution Santa Monica Art Studios, CA
2011 FEB Edifice Cache Morono Kiang Gallery, Los Angels
2010 AUG ART for TIBET 2 Union Gallery, New York
2010 June Draw Museo de la Cuidad de Mexico,Mexico City
2010 MAR Living The Dream Fuse Gallery, New York
2010 MAR Barnstormers Joshua Liner Gallery, New York
2010 MAR N'AP BOULE!- A benefit for the people in Haiti Anonymous Gallery, New York
2009 DEC Yo! What Happened to Peace? House of Love and Dissent, Rome, ITALY
2009 AUG Art for Tibet Art in General, New York
2008 JUL Troubles Never Come Alone The Don Gallery, Milan, ITALY
2007 APR Yo! What Happened to Peace? House of Love and Dissent, Rome, ITALY
2006 APR Salvage + Assemble SPACE GALLERY, Maine
2006 JAN BMG Artists' Annual BLK/MRKT Gallery, Los Angels
2005 SEPT Be@rbrick World Wide Tour GBE at Passerby, New York
2005 AUG Yo! What Happened to Peace? The Binary Mine, Chicago
2005 JUL Tropic of Cancer Supreme Trading Gallery, New York
2005 JUN Yo! What Happened to Peace? Parco Museum, Tokyo
2004 DEC Small Works by Big People thirtyninehotel, Honolulu
2004 NOV VIA SomArts Cultural Center, San Francisco
2004 OCT Better Tomorrow Supreme Trading's Annex Gallery, New York
2004 AUG Small Works by Big People Carlos Irizarry Gallery, Puerto Rico
2004 AUG By 1 Transport Gallery, Los Angels
2004 JUL BARNSTORMERS at SECCA Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, NC
2003-2004 Yo! What Happened To Peace? Traveling Tour in U.S.
2004 JUN Unseen Messages Transport Gallery, Los Angels
2003 AUG BARNSTORMERS Hivemind Soundsystem Lump Gallery, North Carolina
2003 MAY BARNSTORMERS smudge good CWC Gallery, Tokyo
2003 FEB BARNSTORMERS billboard H&M Gallery, New York
2000 NOV Slanted Vision Williamsburg Arts & Historical Center, New York


2012 SPECIAL INTERVIEW : after 311 Free Paper dictionary, CLUB KING, JAPAN
2010 Exhibition Catalogue : Draw RM/MCM, MEXICO
2009 Envisioning Diaspora : Asian American Visual Arts Collectives Timezone 8, CHINA
2007 Autobiography: Chiisana Rakugaki ~ Tiny Scribble (republished) Tamausagi Books, JAPAN
2007 Exhibition Catalogue: Yo! What Happened To Peace?  
2007 Exhibition Catalogue: BLK/MRKT ONE Die Gestalten, GERMANY
2001 Travel journal from Central America and Mexico:
Vagabonds co-written by Takuya Shioya
Koshinsya, JAPAN
1997 Autobiography: Chiisana Rakugaki ~ Tiny Scribble (original) Victor Books, JAPAN
1997 Children Book with music CD :
Aqua Florente ~ Mizu no Hana
Smile Books, JAPAN
1995 Illustration Book:
Makka na Mangetsu ~ Crimson Fulmoon


2001 Communication Arts Award of Excellence