Yuri Shimojo

Yuri Shimojo was born 1966 in Tokyo.
She is the last descendant of her samurai lineage.
In her youth, she practiced the Japanese traditional art of tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and especially Noh and Kabuki theatrical dance performance for more than 20 years. Yuri also spent many years living in Hawaii since her childhood. She currently lives and works between New York and Kyoto. These experiences moving between cultures have influenced her work throughout her life and continue to bring new sources of inspiration today.

In addition to her personal fine artwork, Yuri is drawn to the world of indigenous cultures, which has led her studying universal shamanism as an certified healing practitioner and intuitive communicator with animals. Her Boston Terrier dog Rudy the RudeBoy is her best mentor.

Yuri Shimojo has published several books in Japan, including: "Chiisana Rakugaki~Tiny Scribble" (1997), an memoir of her unique childhood with her family, which has republished in 2007.