Yuri Shimojo

Yuri has been expressing her life through painting, journaling and dancing since she was three years old.

Born in the spring of year of the fire horse, her upbringing in Tokyo was a very unconventional one. As part of her samurai lineage inheritance, she practiced Japanese traditional arts such as tea ceremony, flower arrangement with Kabuki and Noh theatrical dance performance for many years, which was unique in modern Japanese childhood. Her late "flamboyant" parents were also passionate to teach Yuri to value universal identity through travels abroad and uninhibited performance and social events. These elements, so drastically colorful, have influenced her work throughout her entire life.

Now hopping between urban and tropical jungles, Brooklyn and hideaway in Hawaii. These extreme opposites from jungle to urban life balances her creative & spiritual yin and yang which always bringing new sources of inspiration.

In addition to her personal fine artwork, Yuri is drawn to the world of indigenous cultures, which has led her studying universal shamanism as an certified healing practitioner and intuitive communicator with animals. Her Boston Terrier dog Rudy the RudeBoy and jungle cat Wakame are her best mentors.

Yuri Shimojo has published several books in Japan, including: "Makkana Mangetsu~Crimson Full Moon"(1995), which showcase her earlier illustration works, "Vagabonds" (2001), a journal work from her trip in Central America and Mexico, and "Chiisana Rakugaki~Tiny Scribble" (1997), an memoir of her unique childhood with her family, which has republished in 2007.